A letter to Senator Maria Cantwell

Dear Senator Maria Cantwell​,

As a former high-tech executive, I am sure that you have been following the news that personal information of government employees (like you), former government employees (like me), retirees, and military personnel have been hacked.

I urge you to develop and sponsor legislation that would:

  1. Create a system to allow anyone whose personal information has been compromised to get a new Social Security number.
  2. Prohibit the use of such numbers for anything other than Social Security purposes, thus returning them to their original purpose. (My card, issued in 1973, includes a large “Not for Identification” notice.)
  3. Work with your colleagues to review the web of public and private information in which all of us are enmeshed, and come up with safeguards that balance our needs for privacy with a modern society and economy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Charles Hamilton
Business Owner
Seattle, Washington